Because God is Free the Future Must be Open

Ultimately, open theism is not based on man's freedom but on God's freedom. Open theism is the Christian doctrine that the future is not settled but open because God is alive, eternally free, and inexhaustibly creative. Although this undeniable truth is virtual heresy to many Calvinist and Arminian theologians, regardless, open theists affirm the obvious, that God is able to think new thoughts. And He can write new songs. And if He so desires He could design new butterflies too.

Select Open Theism and Related Events

Broadcast: The Guy Who Put Two Words Together 2020 interviews with Dr. Richard Rice who coined the term open theism and co-authored The Openness of God with Pinnock, Hasker, Basinger, and Sanders.

Broadcast Series: Oxford Studies title The End of the Timeless God 2020 interviews with research fellow at Scotland's University of St. Andrews, Dr. Ryan Mullins.

Broadcast Series: God, Time, and the Incarnation 2014 interviews with Liberty University associate professor Dr. Richard Holland on America's most-powerful Christian radio station.

The Will Duffy / Matt Slick Open Theism Debate: focused on God’s free will, the changes the Incarnation brought about within God, and the list of 33 categories of Bible verses affirming that the future is open...

See our Slick/Duffy debate page for:
- the transcript of Will's opening statement
- Duffy's review of Calvin's infamous Chapter 18 
- the Duffy/Slick highlights and analysis radio series.

The Bob Enyart / James White Debate: We can trust God with free will.

See our Enyart/White debate page for:
- transcripts of Bob's opening statement and the Isaiah "deity test" rebuttal
- the Attributes Highlighting methodology
- the 15 Scriptures on God the Son's humanity
- the shocking debate aftermath in which White and R.C. Sproul, Jr. commit heresy (that is, even by Calvinist standards) by effectively denying the Incarnation itself as they repeatedly argue that God the Son never took upon Himself a human nature.

The Samuel Lamerson / Bob Enyart DebateDr. Lamerson is professor of New Testament and interim president of D. James Kennedy's Knox Theological Seminary and in 2005 participated in a 10-round moderated written debate on open theism with Pastor Bob Enyart of Denver Bible Church who hosts a daily talk radio, theology, and apologetics program.

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